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11 Must Have Products You Should Have for Long Road Trips


#1 Tire inflators

It goes without saying that tire inflators can be a life savior on the road, especially when you are on a long trip where it may be tough to find repair shops.

A tire inflator can be extremely helpful on a long trip as it can make you drive worry-free. If you puncture your tire, the tire inflator can help you by inflating the tire again and till you find a repair shop.

Tire inflators utilize the cigarette lighter in the car to inflate the tires. So you need nothing else. These occupy very little space and can be placed in the car’s boot under the back row seat.

Car tire inflators are extremely portable machines that are available from 1000 rupees to 3000 rupees. For best tire inflators, see this.

Checkout our top picks for tire inflators below.

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#2. Dashcam

Dashcam is also a good investment if you are going on a road trip. Let’s face it – driving in India is by default risk. While you may be a great driver, maybe driving cautiously, the road is full of idiots. Accidents do take place.

A car dash cam can come in very handy on long drives as it keeps on recording the driving view. In case you hit someone, it can record crucial evidence if the other driver was by mistake.

Dashcams come in various types. Some can also help capture the video when your car is staying idle in the parking lot.

Ever been in a situation where your car is parked, and when you come back to take it, you see some scratches on it, or it is hit by some errant driver while taking out his car? If yes, a car dashcam is a perfect investment for you.

Here are our top picks for dashcams.

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#3. Backrests, Cushions, and Neck Support

Long drives can be hard on two areas of your body – your lower back ad your neck. In the absence of adequate support to your lower back, you will end up spraining it. The pain can increase with continued, very long driving. Similarly, continuously looking on the road with a straight neck and still face can result or rather often results in pain at the back of the neck. This can also increase significantly if you ignore it and keep driving without giving your neck enough rest.

Backrests in the form of cushions can come in handy here. Backrests in the form of memory foam backrests are also useful and are specially designed for this use.

The benefit of cushions can not be emphasized enough. Cushions are not only a great idea for the driver, but all occupants of the car. These can be the difference between a smooth ride vs. a tiring ride.

For the neck, neck rests are available, which can be a great help. Keep pressing your neck against the cushion.

Here are our top picks for backrests, cushions and neck supports.

#4. Car Jacks

Jack in is another must-have in the car for a long drive. For obvious reasons.

You may be used to driving in the cities where a repair shop is just around the corner if you have a flat tire. That will certainly not be true for the long drives. You may not find a repair shop for miles on a long drive. In that scenario, if you end up facing a flat tire, a car jack can be a savior.

While selecting a jack, ensure that you choose wisely. Some jacks, typically the ones that come along with the cars, are not very sturdy and tend to bend and deform at times with a high load of cars.

It would help if you had an extremely sturdy jack. Check out the top of the jacks that we find very sturdy for cars.

Checkout our top picks for Car Jacks below.

#5. Spanner (Pana)

Spanner is also one of the must-haves. If you have a jack and no spanner, you will be stuck in asking for the same from other cars passing by. That can not be a great proposition on a long drive, deserted road.

Choose a spanner wisely – here are the top spanners that we looked at and found very useful in the long drive.

#6. Boot organizer

Now, this is not a must for sure. It depends on how much load you carry on the long drive and how much space your boot has. The organizer can come in handy in the sense that it can let you organizer your standard stuff in the car boot like a spanner, cleaning essentials, tire inflator, and probably a jack, etc., neatly wrapped and placed in the organizer. That will ensure that enough space is left for you to place your luggage and other stuff that you are carrying.

Check out the top boot organizers that we like. Do not forget to check the dimensions of your car and the boot organizer dimensions.

#7. Rooftop storage

Rooftop storage is also an essential accessory to have on long drives.

Long road trips usually mean lots of luggage as well. As a result, the boot space is not enough to keep all the luggage. If this is the situation you are facing, the roof stop storage option is the perfect option.

These come in multiple options. Checkout top rooftop organizers that we find are currently the best that is available in the market.

#8. Car air purifier

Air quality is worsening over the years. The number of illnesses linked to poor air quality is also increasing. It goes without saying that air purifiers today are not a luxury but a necessity.

Air purifiers are all the more important on the road where the pollution quality is terrible.

Check out the top ten car air purifiers – this is one investment that can save you lots of money and a doctor’s visit.

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#9. Small trashbin

Traveling for a long trip via road can mean that you will end up consuming snacks in the car, there will be many receipts from toll payments, etc. If you are traveling with kids, there is going to be a generation of trash for sure.

The car tends to get dirty and unorganized very quickly if you do not have a compact trashbin.

A trash bin can ensure that you are spared hour-long cleaning exercises periodically.

Car trash bins are tiny, cup-sized, super sturdy products that are a must-have in all cars.

Check out the top ten car trash bins that we like.

#10. Tissue holder

Tissue holders come in handy on long drives. There are two kinds of tissue holders – one that sits on the front or back dashboard and a second that can be clipped on the sun protector for easy access.

Both are required for easy access of front and back occupants of the car. You can choose two dash tissue organizers as well.

Here are our top picks for tissue holders.

#11. OBD devices

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics, which means that the device can tell you your car’s health by making a diagnosis on the car itself.

The OBD device can be handy and very useful because you can predict what is going on in the car. It is like looking at the x-ray and ten other diagnostics reports of the car, too, in real-time.

Besides this, the OBD devices also provide multiple other features like location tracking, geo-fencing, etc.

To fully understand how an OBD device can be a game-changer for your car, view our detailed review of the top ten OBD devices for your cars.

Here are our top pics for OBD devices:

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