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17 Must Have Work From Home Essentials


#1 Work Desk

Naturally, the first thing you need to have is a suitable work desk. If you are thinking that you can effectively work from home from your bed, please ignore that thought. It will not be possible. You can do casual surfing from the bed at best, not serious work.

The question you need to answer is what kind of desk you should have. For a typical professional working from home, the desk should be able to accommodate:

  • One laptop or desktop computer
  • Preferably another monitor, if not two,
  • Enough space for your mouse,
  • Water bottle, and
  • Some other paraphernalia like charging dock, speakers, etc.

Typically, desk sizes measuring three feet by two feet are good enough. However, you do not need to worry about this a lot since, typically, work desks come in standard sizes. You may want to choose the size based on how much space you have at home. If you have a space problem, then some options are space-saving.

For example, desks that are wall-mounted and collapse once your work is done. Please check our top picks for space-saving work desk.

Another critical factor that you want to keep in mind while selecting a desk is whether you can attach a monitor stand to your desk to hold the second monitor. That can come in handy if you intend to work on a linked monitor.

A third important factor to consider is if the work desk is adjustable in height. This is a supercritical factor since you do not want to be working throughout the day sitting on your desk. As they say, sitting is the new smoking. If you spend 7 to ten hours of your day, mostly sitting at your desk, you are bound to face health issues.

Checkout our top five work desks below.

Check all work desks here.

#2. Work Chairs

The work chair that you get for work from home should be comfortable to provide you enough support to your back, neck, and thighs.

This is one area in which you should not try to cut corners or save money. Instead, find what is a good product available that takes care of the key critical aspects that are important with respect to a work chair and go for it.

Here are our top picks for office chairs.

#3. Lap Tables

If you are one of those who once in a while like to be comfy, sit in the bed, keep the laptop on the lap, and work, you need to have a lap table for sure. Not only it will save your thighs and lap from the heat of the running laptop, but it will also increase your productivity.

It will also save your laptop from heating up. You can go for the lap tables with fans to ensure you have extra countermeasures against laptops that heat up quickly.

Here are our top picks for lap tables.

#4. Widescreen monitors

Widescreen monitors can be a game-changer in improving your productivity. If you are used to working from a single desktop or laptop, my first advice would be to go for another screen, and preferably o for a widescreen monitor.

The amount of time that it will save you is huge. Imagine having three windows open in front of yourself. There is no need to keep on going to different tabs again and again.

Apart from the usual window of your laptop screen, a widescreen monitor allows you to open at least two additional windows in the second widescreen monitor. That is a huge benefit for people who tend to open multiple windows while working.

Our top picks include monitors from LG and Acer.

#5. Wire organizers

When you are working from your home office, one thing you will need to keep in mind is how clean your dek is. Remember, the more clean your desk is, the more your mind is going to feel the same way, and you will be more effective and productive. Your work desk will invariably be filled with multiple wires. The wires you can have will be – Computer/ laptop charger wire, wired connecting the second screen to the monitor if you are using a second screen if you are using a wired headphone, that wire, then multiple charging cables of the number of phones that you use. This all will and can result in a mess around or on your table f you do not manage it well from the beginning. Two things or accessories that can come in very handy here are wire concealer and wire holder. Wire organizer or concealer wraps all your multiple wires in a sleeve and hides them away providing a clean look. A wire holder is the last-mile holder of wires that can be put on your desk. Here are our top pics for wire holders and wire concealers for work from a home office.

#6. Mobile Charging Dock

A related aspect to this is a mobile charger and device charger stand. A charging dock can save time by helping you neatly charge your phones and watch if any. These are the best charges to go for. The charging station will also ensure that you are left with fewer wires on your desk.

#7. Laptop Charges

Not that is an extreme solution useful if you run out of juice in your laptop on the go. These are like battery backups for your laptop. In crucial meetings, when you are with your boss or client discussing something extremely important, the last thing you want is your machine running out of power. Check out the best pics for laptop power banks.

#8. Power backups

In case you reside in areas that are prone to a power cut, our work from the home performance or lack of it can be singularly dependent on one big factor – continued supply of uninterrupted power. Trust me, even if you lose power once a month, it is worth investing in this. The amount of credibility that one ends up losing while in a client call or internal call and going off because of a power cut, is huge. In today’s day and age, if you are working in the corporate sector, this is not a mistake you should commit. Coming to solutions now, the solution that you will need is a UPS power backup and battery. UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply and as the name suggests, when you face a power cut, you don’t come to know about this when you have a UPS. That should be the goal. The point is not for how much time the power goes, the point is that even if you disconnect for a few minutes and then come back, it is a credibility loss, and the damage is done. So invest in a UPS + battery backup solution. here are the top picks that are extremely well-performing.

#9. Routers

Working from home means or is dependent on two core infrastructural pillars – Power and the internet. For good internet performance, a good router is also important. Many times even if ya have a good internet connection, a poor router can do a lot of damage. Therefore ensure you have the best in class router. Here are the top ten best-performing routers in the industry.

#10. Range extender

Most likely while you are working from home you will be connected via wifi. Multiple other devices will also be connected. If your workspace is away from where the router is you could substantially lose the internet speed. The range extender is an extremely useful device here. the role of the range extender is, well, to extend the range of the wifi! It is to be placed between your workplace and router and it does a very good job of improving your internet speed. Some of the best range extenders are presented below.

#11. Backrest

Sitting for 8 to 10 hours a day working from home can take a toll on your health. Therefore from a health point of view, a few accessories are a must-have. First on this list is a backrest. If your chair already has a well supporting backrest, nothing like it. If you want a suitable backrest, you can try the following. Some of these are memory foam-based and take or adjust shape according to too back. Alternatively, you can use a cushion to support your lower back. That can also be a long go a long way to ensure in ou spine health.

#12. Water Bottle

Second important health factor is hydration. One accessory that should be on your table is our good old water bottle! There are our top picks for water bottles in a work from home environment.

#13. Footrest

Another important accessory can be the footrest. long sitting hours can result in painful legs. A simple, minimalistic footrest can be a game-changer in keeping your feet away from pain. Go for it. Here are the most selected choices in footrests for you.

#14. Desk Trashbin

You may find it surprising but you will be amazed by how much small rubbish or trash can get collected around your desk over time. Crumpled papers, remnants of post-it notes, and whatnot. Having a small trash bin on your desk can be a great savior. Here are our top pics for trash bins.

#15. Personal Fan

This is also a useful accessory to have while working from home. Especially if you are prone to heat.

#16. Headphones

Working long nights from home, or even for work during the workday. A good headphone is very crucial to maintain your sanity and keep the ambient sound from your home and surroundings away from home. Here are our top choices for headphones and here are the top choices for Skype headphones.

#17. Laptop Privacy Lock

If you are a privacy-conscious person, you do not want to miss the laptop privacy clock. Here are our top picks for the same.

So these were the top products for effective work from home setup. Don’t forget to check out the complete list of most loved work-from-home products.

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