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Best All-in-One Desktop PCs You Can Buy in India (2021)


All in one PCs are making their way into millennial lives as a part of the decluttered workspace culture. These also referred to as the AiO computers, combine all the desktop components into one enclosed unit and are perfect for space utilization. The speakers, camera, CPU, etc. are all put into one light-weight monitor and can be carried from home to office and back. These computers have proved better functionality than laptops as they appeal to the eyes more and have diverse functions.

The AiO computers are usually made aesthetically with a slim design and in pleasant colors to please the eye and uplift the look of cramped office spaces. For AiO computers with a touch-screen display, carrying the keyboard and mouse to offices isn’t necessary, and carrying the PC from one place to another for these computers can be done by the user himself/ herself without technical supervision.

Depending on your budget, portability, and functionality requirements, you have plenty of features included in products, to choose from as the AiO computers are available with or without (for touch screens) mouse and keyboard, scanner, touchpad technology, etc. Usually, the AiO computers are used for saving energy and preventing heating up of cramped cubicles. With an AiO computer, you will never have the issues of intensive cleaning and dusting since the parts are less in number and less complicated.

Top All in One Desktop PCs to Buy in 2021

Top ten AIO PCs have been reviewed in the following section.

# 1. HP AIO 24 Inch with Alexa Built

  • Operating on the AMD Processor, this AiO computer by HP comes with 1 Tb Hard disk and 8GB RAM has expandable up to 16GB.
  • It has a 23.8 diagonal FHD display which is three-sided micro-edge and anti-glare.
  • It works on a Windows 10 Operating System Home Edition and has the Microsoft Office 2019- Home and Student Edition making this PC suitable for use by students and professionals.
  • This Pc however comes with a wired keyboard and mouse and with its 1920 x 1080 Pixels camera resolution; it does not have the best webcam available.

# 2. Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 21.5

  • This all-in-one PC with expandable storage of up to 16 GB performs on AMD Athlon Silver 3050U processor and has a speed of 2.3GHz.
  • In the affordable category, this product provides you with a classy display, in-built voice recognition, and automatic keyboard connectivity that increase ease of use and functionality.
  • With a proper sound system, this product has some drawbacks like it does not have CD and DVD players and the MS-Office is only a trial version.
  • However, after purchasing the full version, this AiO computer can be used easily for office and educational purposes as it’s lightweight and portable.

# 3. HP AIO 22Inch FHD Alexa Built-in

  • Functioning on the Core i3 Family processor, it has a speed of 1.2GHz.
  • The product comes with a wired keyboard and mouse and has the Microsoft Office 2019 version pre-installed so that customers don’t have to purchase it separately.
  • The laptop is perfect for use at home and light office work; however, it might not be the best choice for gaming.
  • It has 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports and does not have CD and DVD drives.
  • The maximum memory supported is 8 GB and it comes with 8 GB RAM.

# 4. Lenovo Ideacentre A340 21.5

  • Processing on a maximum speed of 4.1 GHz on the Intel 10th Genl Core i3-10110U.
  • It has pre-loaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity.
  • However, the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 is a trial version and the full version has to be purchased after installation.
  • It comes with an anti-glare display to protect the customer during long working hours and the 720p HD camera is perfect for video conferences.
  • The wireless keyboard and wireless mouse with this PC alongside its slim design increase its portability.
  • It has 2*3 W stereo speakers to provide the customers with Dolby-certified HD audio.

# 5. Dell Inspiron 22 3280 AIO

  • Performing on the 8th Generation Intel Core I3-8145U processor, this PC offers a maximum speed of 3.9 GHz.
  • It comes with a pre-loaded Windows 10 Home that has lifetime validity and pre-installed Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 software in its full version.
  • It also protects the user’s eyes with an anti-glare narrow-border LED-backlit display and comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • However, this PC might take some time to load due to the 8th generation Intel Core processor immediately after installation but promises a smooth performance thereafter.
  • It comes with an in-built CPU and it’s possible to upgrade its RAM. Also, this PC does not have a CD drive.

# 6. Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 19.5-inch

  • This PC performs on the DOS-based all-in-one operating system and has an Intel Celeron J4025 processor with 2.9 GHz maximum speed.
  • It comes with a 720p HD camera and fixed focus for video conferences with clarity.
  • The product comes with a wired keyboard and mouse and provides a cable collector on the stand to keep all the devices connected to the PC organized.
  • This PC is one of the lightest in the AiO PC category and highly portable with its slim design.
  • However, it does not have CD/DVD drives and the customer needs to purchase and install Windows OS and Microsoft Office separately after installation of the product which does not need technical supervision.

# 7. HP AIO 23.8-inch with Alexa

  • With the Intel 10th Generation Core i5-1035G1, this PC offers a CPU speed of 1 GHz.
  • It comes with a white HP USB wireless combo of keyboard and mouse and runs on Windows 10 Home Operating System with lifetime validity.
  • It also has the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 version pre-installed and FHD IPS ZBD anti-glare 23.8-inch WLED-backlit micro-edge three-sided display.
  • The PC also offers 8GB DDR4 SDRAM and does not have a CD/ DVD drive. However, the camera quality is average and it has Dual 2 W speakers.

# 8. Lenovo AIO 19.5-inch AIO

  • Performing on Intel 2.0GHz J4005 processor, Lenovo AiO 19.5-inch has a DOS operating system and a common port for plugging in microphone and earphones.
  • Its slim and light-weight design makes it perfectly portable.
  • A wired keyboard and mouse are provided with the product and a cable collector is mounted on the desktop stand to prevent messy cables.
  • However, the customer has to install Windows or Ubuntu after purchase and there’s no pre-loaded operating system.
  • It has in-built Wifi and 3 USB slots to plug in a keyboard, mouse, pen drives, etc.
  • It has a decent camera quality for video conferences and the sound output is satisfactory for music lovers.

# 9. HP AIO 22 Inch Desktop

  • Operating on Windows 10 Home, this PC has the Intel 7th Gen Core i3 7100U processor with 1.7 GHz speed.
  • Wired HP keyboard and mouse are provided with the PC.
  • However, Microsoft Office isn’t pre-installed and the customer has to purchase and install the full version after product installation.
  • Its 8GB DDR4 RAM makes the product worth buying though the processor speed might not be as fast as other products in this category.
  • The PC also comes with a DVD drive and in-built Wi-Fi.
  • The sound output quality of the speakers built-in in the monitor is satisfactory and the camera quality of the webcam is decent enough for use by students and professionals.
  • This AiO computer is also suitable for gaming.

# 10. ASUS Vivo AIO 21.5-inch

  • Comes with Windows 10 Home operating system pre-loaded, this AiO PC functions on an Intel Celeron processor with a speed of 3.2 GHz.
  • It has 4 GB DDR4 RAM and comes with a wired mouse and a wired keyboard.
  • It comes with an anti-glare display and pre-installed McAfee anti-virus software.
  • The speakers with their high-quality sound output are perfect for music lovers and the high camera quality ensures a smooth and clear video conferencing experience.
  • However, some customers complain about the processor’s slow speed in booting and functioning of the PC.
  • It has an 87% screen-to-body ratio and the 21.5-inch screen has an impossibly thin bezel for seamless viewing experiences.

The All in One Desktop PC Buying Guide

An AiO PC might be quite an investment and you need to go through the specifications thoroughly before choosing a product. Firstly, it’s important for the customer to identify his needs- whether the PC is needed for gaming, home-use, or office-use. Factors like requirements, hardware, budget, etc. must be kept in mind before selecting a PC. Here we discuss in detail the specs that you should consider before buying an AiO PC.

Graphics Card and Processor:

Usually customers have the option of choosing between AMD (E, A, and Ryzen series) and Intel (Core i3, i5, or i7 line-up) processors. With the new generation processors, the PC’s capability to handle intensive games, graphics, and software increases. Several processors are available with built-in graphics cards but for newer game titles, the customer needs to get a PC with extensive graphic solutions. NVIDIA and AMD are the common GPU manufacturers with basic and high-performance graphic cards suiting several budgets.

Operating System, RAM, and Storage:

Usually most PCs support the DDR3 and the newer DDR4 memory. 4GB of RAM is considered a basic necessity for computing purposes. However, if you intend to do intensive tasks like gaming, video editing, etc., it’s better to choose the 8GB RAM computers with extra memory slots (in some models). Usually, PCs come with Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) but newer models are also using Solid State Drives (SSDs), and depending upon your budget and requirement, you can choose a PC with memory between 1TB and 4TB. Several PCs come with the pre-loaded Windows 10 version and customers might also opt for the open-source and free Linux OS for PCs with no pre-loaded operating systems or pay for the Windows 10. The Mac OS is also available on Apple products.

Speakers, Screen-size, Keyboard, and Mouse:

Depending on your set-up, you might wish to get stereo speakers or a home theatre set-up though the in-built speakers are good enough for basic TV viewing and music listening. The bigger screen size with higher resolution increases your workspace and also your budget. Some PCs also have touch-screen features to eliminate the use of a keyboard and mouse. Usually, PCs come with a wired keyboard and mouse though higher AiO models have wireless connectivity for increased portability.

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