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Best Baby Strollers and Prams for Your Baby in 2021


From a trip to Paris to the local grocery store, if you’re a new parent, it’s evident that you have to carry your young one around. Buying a stroller for your baby is no different from buying a car. You wish to have a look at all the features, comfort, terrains that it can handle, how good can it handle the turns, etc. As you’re not the one who’ll be sitting in the stroller, you need to be extra careful about your child. A lot of thoughts go in here and hence, we’re trying to make your choice easy.

Best strollers and prams to buy in 2021

Listed below are seven best strollers and a quick buying guide that will help you buy a stroller and pram, confidently.

# 1. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller and Pram

Available in 8 different colors and varieties, this baby stroller or pram is perfect for new-born to 3-year old babies. This stroller has a sturdy aluminum frame and is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

Key features of LuvLap Sunshine Stroller and Pram:

  • Safety of the child is ensured by 5 point safety harness.
  • Soft, detachable, and washable seat cushions, mosquito net, and adjustable footrest give maximum comfort to the baby.
  • It’s foldable and compact.
  • Reversible handlebar and looking window pacify the baby by letting it face the parents.
  • 3 recline positions for the seat.
  • Storage basket and back pocket for shopping purposes.
  • The pram has a 360 degree front wheel swivel, lock, and brakes for the rear wheel.


  • The safety harnesses ensure complete security of the baby even if it fidgets a lot.
  • The soft seat cushions and the footrest would be extremely comfortable for the baby.
  • Only 15kgs of weight can be carried around.

# 2. LuvLap Starshine Stroller and Pram

Another product by LuvLap, this pram has an alloy steel frame and is made of ethylene vinyl acetate. Available in five colors, this stroller is suitable for 6 months to 3-year old babies.

Key features of LuvLap Starshine Stroller and Pram:

  • A reversible handlebar allows the kid to face the parent while strolling.
  • There are 3 recliner seat positions for the baby’s comfort.
  • It comes with a 360 degrees front wheel swivel with a lock and brake for the rear wheels.
  • Adjustable footrest and comfortable seat cushions provide maximum comfort to the kid.


  • Parents can keep a watch on the baby by using the looking window on the canopy.
  • The seat cushions are detachable and washable.
  • It can carry up to 20kgs of weight.
  • This product isn’t recommended for newborn babies.

# 3. Little Pumpkin – Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller and Pram

This “mom friendly” baby stroller by Little Pumpkin is perfectly comfortable for both the child and the young mother. This pram is available in 4 colors/ styles and is customized according to the necessities of young mothers.

Key features of Little Pumpkin – Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller and Pram:

  • The product comes with wheels suitable for all terrains and with front suspension for an easier ride.
  • The reversible handle and a window in the canopy make using the pram easier as parents can look at the baby.
  • An easy mechanism for folding after use.
  • Three reclining positions provide comfortable positions for the baby to sleep or sit.


  • It’s perfect for newborn babies up to 3-year old kids.
  • It comes with a storage basket and makes your shopping experience easy.
  • It’s light-weight and easy to carry.
  • It does not have a safety lock or brakes for the rear wheels.

# 4. R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride Baby Stroller and Pram

Stressing primarily on the safety of the baby, this pram is EN 1888 Certified and it comes with a link brake to lock the stroller with one click by your feet.

Key features of R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride Baby Stroller and Pram:

  • The canopy is UV protected and has a peek-a-boo window for parents to see their kid.
  • It comes with 2 position leg rest and 3 positions of the reclining seat.
  • This pram can be folded easily and has a reversible handle for the parent to use it both ways.
  • It has the best suspension on the front wheels for tackling difficult terrain or uneven roads.


  • The five-point safety harness keeps the baby in the most secure position.
  • The storage basket is quite big to accommodate the baby’s stuff or your shopping.
  • The item weighs around 9kgs.

# 5. Tiffy & Toffee Smart and Safe Baby Stroller

Available in 9 colors and styles, this baby stroller a light-weight and easy-to-use product for young parents.

Key features of Tiffy & Toffee Smart and Safe Baby Stroller:

  • 3 recline positions for maximum comfort.
  • 3-point safety harness to ensure the safety of your young one.
  • It comes with a reversible handle and a looking window on the canopy.
  • Front and back wheels have brakes to ensure the kid’s safety.


  • This is a simple product and does not require much technical knowledge to be used.
  • It’s one of the inexpensive prams.
  • This pram cannot be used for babies above 6 months or below 1 month.
  • It can carry a maximum of 15kgs.

# 6. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Baby Stroller and Pram

This pram by R for Rabbit is among the category of inexpensive strollers that consider safety to be their priority. This light-weight baby stroller comes with a 5-point harness to make your baby secure and comfortable during the ride.

Key features of R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Baby Stroller and Pram:

  • 6.5 inch wheels provide the best suspension to provide the smoothest ride to your kid.
  • 3 reclining positions to provide maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable leg rest for increased comfort.
  • The pram comes with a huge storage basket.


  • This is perfect for newborn babies to 3-year old children.
  • It weighs just 7.9kgs which makes it light-weight.
  • A window isn’t provided on the canopy to look at the baby.

# 7. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller and Pram

This baby stroller with an aluminum frame is available in 4 color combinations. It’s certified by European Standard EN 1888 for safety. Let’s have a look at what this product by LuvLap has to offer.

Key features of LuvLap Galaxy Stroller and Pram:

  • Safety of the baby is ensured by a 5-point safety harness and double layer canopy.
  • 3 positions of the seat for reclining, sitting, or relaxing.
  • It provides 360 degrees rotation on the front wheel, swivel lock, and rear-wheel link brakes.
  • The leg rest is adjustable and the handlebar is reversible.


  • Brakes ensure that the pram does not move unguarded.
  • It’s not recommended for children below 6 months.

The Baby Stroller and Pram Buying Guide

It’s natural that buying a stroller would be a huge cause of concern, especially for new parents, and it’s justified. There are so many concerns regarding choosing the perfect stroller for your baby. In addition to the obvious comfort and safety concerns, you need to have a look at the style, space, and color of the stroller.

Baby strollers are of several types depending on the ways you wish to use them.

  • Full-size prams – These are the strollers with plenty of space for carrying your kid from day one along with all its belongings. Some such strollers are also travel systems that would be perfect if you travel via cars.
  • Umbrella prams – These are compact portable prams that can open up like umbrellas, are easily foldable but don’t have much space.
  • Jogging prams – These are perfect if you want to go on a run with your baby. It’s shock-resistant.
  • Double prams – These are perfect for families with two or more children and you need to take them out together.

With hundreds of options at your disposal, you are surely confused about picking the right one. Here are a few points that you must keep in mind while buying a stroller.


This is the prime area of anxiety for new parents. Some strollers have harnesses, wheel brakes, etc. for keeping the stroller in the guardian’s control. The safety of newborn babies is of prime concern as they cannot sit or relax and can only recline. Several jogging strollers aren’t equipped with the reclining facility and hence are unsuitable for babies younger than 6 months.


It’s important to look at all the sitting options available for your baby before you buy a stroller. As you know, babies have several requirements at different stages of development and hence buying a stroller that provides enough space for the baby for several stages, has an adjustable footrest, and has comfortable seating cushions are important.

Ease of Use:

Being new to the entire concept of parenthood, you’ll probably be too tired to learn the complicated mechanisms of a baby stroller with way too many features. A simple and comfortable pram is what you need. Several prams have features like single-hand fold, brake by a click with the foot, etc. to make your life easy. These are good choices for busy and young professionals.


Choose a stroller with a wide base as they are less likely to turn over. Also, several strollers have brakes that lock two wheels and stop the entire motion of the pram. This ensures more safety but you must be careful that the lock release isn’t placed anywhere close to the kid so that it can’t unlock the wheels. A single footrest is perfect for the kids as tiny feet may get stuck in between two separate footrests.

Carrying Capacity:

A pram needs to have enough space to accommodate the baby and its necessities and belongings. A newborn has way too many things that need to be constantly with the child and if you buy a pram with less carrying capacity, you might need to load yourself with multiple bags to carry your baby’s stuff.


A lot of accessories like UV-proof sunshade, cup holder, storage basket, etc. are available for attachment with the pram. Not all strollers are compatible with the additional accessories and hence, you need to consider the possibility of adding extra items.

Color and Style:

As a young parent, you might want yourself and your baby to look stylish when you’re out. Hence, you might want to buy a stroller that, after fulfilling the above requirements, gives a stylish look and aesthetic feel to you and your baby.


Standard prams are available from around 3000INR and the price increases with the features. Standard features that fulfill your basic requirements are available within a moderate price range and it depends on your choice about how much you want to spend.

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