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Best Blood Pressure Monitors to Buy in 2021


Our changing lifestyles have made blood pressure disbalances indispensable. Almost every health-conscious cosmopolitan family owns a BP monitor to check their blood pressures regularly. A BP monitor, also known as a Sphygmomanometer or blood pressure gauge, keeps you updated about your blood pressure and whether you need to consult a physician or not.

Why Should You Buy a Blood Pressure Monitor

Patients with hypertension or high blood pressure need to be specifically careful about their BP. It might not always be possible to visit a pharmacy or a doctor to get your pressure checked. Hence, it’s a good idea to keep an affordable BP monitor at home for regular use. People who suffer from low blood pressure or hypotension can also check their BP regularly without the hassle of visiting a doctor and take immediate precautions if needed. If you’re suffering from any of the above conditions or is conscious and careful about your health, then it’s suggested that you document any changes in your BP in a given period for your physician to refer for diagnosis or treatment. BP changes can hint at some underlying medical conditions, and having a BP monitor at your dispense will help in quicker recognition of the disease (if any).

BP monitors are also available in several varieties, and you need to look at the different categories before deciding on the one that suits your requirements.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

There are two major types of BP monitors- manual or aneroid monitor and digital monitor.

Aneroid BP Monitors

This is the BP Monitor that is operated manually. A cuff goes around the upper arm, and a rubber bulb is squeezed by hand to inflate it. A gauge is to be read by looking at the pointer on the dial. The cuff generally has a built-in stethoscope to look at the heartbeat. The unit may have a metal ring to tighten the cuff around the upper arm and make the process of putting the cuff easier. This is portable and gives accurate results.

However, there are some drawbacks to this device.  It’s a complex design that can get damaged easily and give less precise results. In the absence of a metal ring, this device may be hard to use. Also, the rubber bulb used for inflating the cuff may be hard to squeeze. This device isn’t recommended for people with hearing disabilities as you have to hear your heartbeat through a stethoscope.

Digital BP Monitors

Popularly used for domestic and clinical purposes, the digital machine for measuring BP is easier to use with the gauge and stethoscope in one unit. The measurements are displayed on a small screen and are easier to read than the dial measurements. Some units have the feature of giving paper print-outs of the readings for future reference. This device has a manual or automatic inflation of the cuff and automatic deflation. It’s best for patients with hearing impairment as you need not hear the heartbeat through a stethoscope as in the aneroid devices.

Speaking of the drawbacks, irregular heartbeats and body movements might cause the device to display inaccurate results. Some devices have the restriction of being used only on the left arm, which can be hard for some patients. The digital monitors are also more expensive and require batteries for operation.

Factors To Be Considered While Buying

If you’re considering to buy a BP monitor, you have plenty of choices before you. As this device might be a pricey investment and for long time use, you need to choose a suitable product for all the people who intend to use it. Here are some factors that you must consider while buying a blood pressure monitor.

  • Cuff Size – This is extremely important as the results’ accuracy depends on how well the cuff fits on your arm. You can seek help from a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist regarding the perfect size for you. Also, several devices come with a smaller cuff size that does not fit all arms. Hence, it would be best to consider the patients’ upper arm sizes and the cuff size of the product before buying.
  • Price – If you want to buy a BP monitor for domestic use, you won’t need a costly one. Also, the price of a device does not guarantee its accuracy of results. Find a BP monitor that suits your budget, as there are plenty.
  • Display – The numbers on the display of a digital monitor or the dial of a manual one must be clear and easily readable.
  • Sound – For aneroid monitors, check if the heartbeat is clearly audible through the stethoscope.
  • Indicators – Many digital BP monitors come with indicators for irregular heartbeats, error in measurement, improper placement, etc. These indicators help you restart the process of measurement and get accurate results.

Top BP Monitors to Buy in 2021

Let’s look at some of the most value for money and easy to use BP Monitors.

# 1. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor

This portable BP monitor by Omron promises accurate results. This easy to use device will be perfect for regular checking of blood pressure at home, and it’ll help you spot the changes (if any) for diagnosis. It’s compact, fully automated, and checks both the person’s blood pressure and heart rate. The product comes with 3 years of warranty and lifetime support on the product from the brand.

Let’s have a look at its essential features.

  • This BP Monitor operates on oscillometric principles for accurate measurements and precise results.
  • Its cuff size is 22 to 32 cm. If your arm is bigger than that, you can purchase a wider cuff separately, which won’t disrupt the machine’s function.
  • It uses Intellisense technology for controlled and comfortable inflation without the need for re-inflation or pre-setting the pressure for determining slight pressure changes.

# 2. Dr. Trust Smart Talking Digital BP Monitor

Available in dual talking guidance (English and Hindi) and mute modes, this automatic digital BP monitor gives clear and precise results with an advanced fuzzy algorithm and has a large black LCD for ease of reading. This device claims to be one of the easiest and fastest BP monitor.

Some of its key features are as follows.

  • It has a wide cuff (22 to 42 cm) and fits almost all arm sizes.
  • It uses a fuzzy algorithm that is a new pumping technology to measure blood pressure a comfortable one by preventing over pumping.
  • You can store the BP and pulse readings of up to 2 users and can refer to them later when required.
  • It’s highly portable and works with 4AA batteries.
  • It comes with a USB port for connectivity.

# 3. HealthSense Heart-Mate Automatic Digital Talking BP Monitor

This thoughtfully designed BP monitor with a deluxe looking blue and white body comes with an extra-large and clear LCD screen with black font for the readings to make them clearly visible. You’ll have a pleasant voice reading out the starting instructions, the measurements of BP, and pulse rate in English. This device adds to user convenience by having BP level indicators, body movement, irregular heart-beat, and error and low battery.

Let’s get into the details of the features.

  • It has a micro USB port that is universally compatible with any adapter of 5 to 6 V.
  • Using pressure sensors and the traditional oscillometric technology, this BP monitor gives the most perfect, reliable, accurate, and cost-effective reading of blood pressure at home.
  • It comes with 2 user memories of 90 readings each.

# 4. Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic BP Monitor

This fully automatic and digital blood pressure measuring device is brought to you by Dr. Morepen. It promises fast and clinically accurate blood pressure and pulse rate at home in an easy, comfortable, and cost-effective manner.

Its essential features are given below.

  • It has a memory of 120 records and has a user interface for 2 users.
  • With Comfort Inflation Technology, you can easily and comfortably detect any irregular heartbeats.
  • The device comes with a High-Low classification indicator and averages the last 3 readings.
  • This is a light-weight product and runs on 4 AAA batteries.

# 5. Omron HEM 6161 Automatic BP Monitor

This BP monitor is different from the others in this category. It is a wrist-monitoring device designed to provide comfort and convenience for people who have to take their BP measurements while traveling or at work. This is an extremely light-weight and portable item with a guarantee for accurate measurements and features for detecting irregular heartbeats.

Its key features are as follows.

  • The device has illuminated indicators to signal you if the cuff is incorrectly or loosely fitted on the wrist.
  • A symbol for irregular heartbeat will appear on the device if it recognizes any inconsistencies.
  • It uses Intellisense technology and has an indicator for body movement so that the inaccuracies can be eliminated.
  • It works on 2 AAA batteries that are given with the product.

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