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Best Geysers (Water Heaters) to buy in 2021


Water heaters for domestic use, also known as geysers, are the most efficient replacements for traditional methods of heating water over a stove or gas burner.

A geyser can be used for multiple purposes- from heating water for bathing and kitchen use, to providing hot water in commercial and residential complexes. In India, water heaters are generally used for providing hot water for bathing in the winters.

As the uses for geysers have increased over the years, so has their variety in the market. From being a necessity, geysers went on to become a piece of show and value in the millennial bathrooms.

Here we’ll discuss everything about the types of geysers available to you and should you make an intelligent choice.

Types of Geysers

The choices concerning buying geysers in India are enough but the types of geysers might confuse you. Primarily, two types of geysers are available in the Indian market- Tank geysers and Tankless geysers.

  • Tank Geysers – These water heaters are available in two varieties- Electric and Gas. These geysers have an insulated tank for preserving the heat of the water and a thermostat for keeping a check on the overall water temperature. The power requirements are comparatively low and these water heaters can easily adapt to any power circuit. However, tank geysers have the disadvantage of limited water supply. Also, the gas type tank geysers aren’t recommended due to safety concerns though they pose no threat to the environment and your wallet.
  • Tankless Geysers– Tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water and require much less space than tank geysers. They’re compact, safe, and easy to use. However, the power consumption is more than tank geysers and also, they’re pricey.

Another category of environment-friendly solar geysers is available in the market. These are also less expensive as compared to the electric or gas geysers.

Factors To Consider While Buying a Geyser

It’s important for you to thoroughly understand the different areas of concern before you invest in a product. Hence, here are the key factors that must be considered before buying a geyser.

  • Type of Geyser – You have to get your preferences fixed while selecting the type of geysers. The most inexpensive options out there are the solar and gas type geysers which are environment-friendly but the gas geysers have some safety concerns. On the other hand, electric geysers save a lot of space, generally provide endless hot water, and require much lesser time to function. However, these geysers might contribute towards increasing your bills.
  • Power Consumption – If you’re opting for an electric geyser, make sure to buy one with a 5-star rating as it consumes less electricity and has less heat loss. This option might be on the steeper side of the price gradient but it’ll be inexpensive in the longer run. Opting for a gas or solar geyser would save you on this entire cause of worry.
  • Key Features – These are some features that you must check while buying a product.
    • The pressure release requires a safety valve. The valve also works to release the water when pressure crosses the preset limit.
    • It’s best if the heating element is coated in glass.
    • Automatic thermal cut feature for turning off the geyser after heating is complete. It also helps in preventing accidental damage from burning out of the geyser.
    • Thermostat setting that you can adjust as per your convenience.
    • The outer body is better if rust-proof for maintaining the show of the product.

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To aid with your choice, here are some details about geysers that you can choose from.

# 1. Orient Electric Enamour Plus Vertical Storage Water Heater 

This storage water heater is brought to you by Orient in two variants- 15 litres and 25 litres. This tank water heater comes with glass line storage and its patented whirlflow technology provides 20% more heated water as compared to other water heaters. The water heater comes with an 8 bar pressure making it suitable for commercial spaces and high-rise buildings. Some of its key features are –

  • The wattage is 2000 watts.
  • The longevity of the storage tank is ensured by titanium coating.
  • Tank life is also enhanced by a magnesium anode rod.
  • The dial temperature display shows the overall temperature of the water.
  • It’s compatible with variable pressures and comes with PUF insulation.
  • This comes with an ABS shockproof body and an ipx4 water-proof body.

It comes with 5 years of warranty on the motor and 1 year of warranty on the product.


  • The tank geyser comes with a temperature control facility which lets you set the temperature according to your needs.
  • The product is one of the most affordable options out there with 7 years of warranty.
  • The shock-proof and water-proof body enhances the look of this product in addition to ensuring customer safety and product longevity.
  • This geyser is available in both classic white and grey colors.
  • The power consumption of this geyser might cost you a lot on the electricity bills. However, it’s affordable if used for commercial spaces or public utility purposes.

# 2. Havells Instanio Prime 15 Litre with Shock Safe Plug

This tank geyser is brought to you by one of the most trusted brands in India- Havells. It can store 15 litres of water and is available in white and mustard colors. The product is suitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump uses. The product also comes with a multi-function safety valve which prevents the pressure from rising above 8 bars. Some of its features are –

  • The geyser comes with a temperature indicator. It has in-built color changing LEDs that indicate the water temperature by changing from blue to amber.
  • This product guarantees longer life than standard inner tank geysers as it’s made of ultra-think super cold rolled steel plates. These plates provide greater corrosion resistance.
  • It provides superior heating performance with the Incoloy glass-coated heating element.
  • This product guarantees 20% extra hot water output by avoiding direct contact between the hot and incoming cold water for quicker heating. This also optimizes energy savings and keeps your bills in control.


  • The LED color-changing indicator is useful for understanding when to switch-off the geyser and save on electricity.
  • The product provides more hot water than an average tank geyser and also considers energy savings.
  • The longevity of this product is guaranteed by its build providing resistance to corrosion.
  • The product comes with a warranty of 7 years and weighs just 8.6 kg which is much less in comparison to similar products.
  • The price of this product is towards the steeper side as compared to other tank geysers.

# 3. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Storage Vertical Water Heater

One of the most feature-enriched options available, this storage water heater is available in 15 litres and 25 litres capacity and both 5-star and 4star BEE ratings. This geyser has a wattage of 2000 watts and a pressure limit of 8 bars. Originally made in India, this product can uplift the show of any washroom or kitchen by its elegant design and compact model, thus saving on space. Some of its key features are –

  • It has a blue diamond glass-lined tank that provides 2 times the corrosion resistance of standard storage geysers. The outer body is made of ABS material.
  • Enhanced life of the heating element is provided by glass coating which also prevents scale formation.
  • Advanced PUF technology helps to save energy and electricity.
  • The geyser comes with an anode rod made up of an alloy customized to last long even in hard water conditions. It protects the tank and has 2 times more lifespan than the normal magnesium rods used in standard tank geysers.


  • The PUF technology for power saving is perfect if you want to go green.
  • It comes with 7 years of warranty on the inner tank and more than 2+ 2 years of warranty on the glass-coated heating element.
  • The 5-star rating ensures minimal electricity consumption and makes it fit in your budget.
  • Though inexpensive in the longer run, the initial investment on this product is more than other tank geysers due to its advanced features. The geyser has a steep price.

# 4. Crompton Solarium Qube Water 2KW Heater

Originally manufactured in India, this water heater is brought to you by Crompton and is available in two capacities of 15 litres and 25 litres. This Solarium Qube geyser has a 5-star rating and is available in the classy black and gorgeous white color that would complement the overall look of the room where you use this. Its features include –

  • Rust-proof superior polymer-coated body with a pressure limit of 8 bars.
  • This comes with a powerful copper heating element.
  • It has advanced 3-level safety and BEE 5-star rating ensuring minimal power consumption.
  • This water heater comes with a knob to adjust the temperature settings between 25 degrees and 75 degrees. Hence, this optimizes energy savings.
  • The unique square body of this geyser makes this stand out among the lot.


  • The adjustable knob for temperature settings helps save power and electricity making this geyser budget-friendly.
  • The unique design of this geyser makes it capable of enriching the look of any corporate area.
  • This geyser falls under the affordable category of water geysers.
  • The geyser does not come with a shock-proof body.
  • It does not have any glass coating for the heating element which might cause a disturbance in the product’s performance in hard water conditions.

# 5. V-Guard Victo Plus Water Geyser

Offering free installation all over India with inlet and outlet pipes, this geyser by V-guard is also available in the older model of Victo. The newer model comes with an additional digital display. The Victo Plus model is available in 10 litres, 15 litres, and 25 litres water capacity. For smaller spaces and lesser requirements, this geyser is also available at a compact size of 6 litres capacity. Let’s have a look at some of its key features.

  • Available in classic white and gorgeous ivory colors, this water heater has a wattage of 2000 watts.
  • The product warranty for this geyser is 2 years. There’s an additional 1 year of warranty on the heating element and an extra 5 years of warranty on the inner storage tank.
  • The geyser comes with a temperature adjustment knob that helps you limit electricity consumption.
  • It can withstand high pressures up to 8 bars.
  • The product is made of aluminum material and has a BEE 4-star rating with high energy efficiency.


  • This geyser is one of the most affordable water heaters and its wide range of sizes helps you take your pick as per your requirement.
  • Its temperature control knob helps you save electricity by determining your temperature requirement.
  • This geyser comes with a 4-star rating and hence it will cost you more electricity bills as compared to 5-star rated geysers in the long run.
  • The older version of this geyser does not have a digital display and hence it is not possible to determine or set the temperature.

# 6. Bajaj Shakti Plus Storage 15-Litre Vertical Water Heater

This 15 litres capacity storage water heater brought to you by another trusted brand in India- Bajaj- is capable of beautifully fitting into any washroom or kitchen space. This geyser comes with a 2000 watts wattage and 8 bars pressure limit. The vertical shape of this geyser makes it perfect for large wall spaces. Some of its key features are given below.

  • The inner tank is made of SS 304 material.
  • The outer body is formed of CRCA which prevents corrosion and rust formation.
  • This geyser can be used in high-rise buildings due to its high pressure withstanding ability.
  • Dry heating, over-heating, and over-pressure can be easily handled by this geyser via multiple safety processes.
  • The brand provides free installation of the geyser but the accessories must be purchased separately.


  • The geyser is available in a beautiful ivory color.
  • The product comes with a product warranty of 2 years and a warranty of 5 years on the inner tank.
  • A Warranty Card and User Manual are provided along with the geyser.
  • This geyser has a BEE 4-star rating which is likely to increase its electricity consumption. This would raise your bills as well as use more electricity than required for water heating.

# 7. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage Horizontal Water Heater (Geyser)

This horizontal storage geyser with a cylindrical shape is presented to you by AO Smith in two capacities 15 litres and 25 litres. It has a wattage of 2000 watts and a pressure limit of 8 bars. Originating in India, the uncommon shape of this geyser and its chic white color is attractive in any room. Let us look at some of its feature highlights.

  • With a metal outer body, the inner tank of this water heated has a Blue Diamond Glass Lining that provides 2 times the corrosion resistance provided by other protective coatings.
  • The life of the heating element is enhanced by superior quality glass coating which prevents scale formation.
  • This water heater possesses a BEE 4-star rating and its PUF technology is intended for saving on electric consumption.
  • The horizontal storage water heater comes with a multi-purpose safety valve and a thermal cut-out for double protection to increase its longevity.


  • The power-saving optimization provided by the PUF technology is perfect if you want to go green.
  • The product comes with 7 years of warranty on the inner tank, 2+2 years of extended warranty on the heating element, and 2 years of a comprehensive warranty.
  • User manual and mounting screws are provided along with the product.
  • The geyser comes with a 4-star BEE rating which intends that it’ll consume more electricity.

# 8. Hindware Atlantic Ezro Storage Geyser

Brought to you by Hindware, this storage water heater is also available in 15 litres and 25 litres capacity with 7 years of warranty on the inner tank, 2 years on the product, and 2 years of warranty on the heating element. The geyser runs on a wattage of 2kW and has a pressure limit of 8 bars. Some of its key features are –

  • The inner tank is coated with gasline baked to perfection at 850 degrees for ensuring superior corrosion protection.
  • Injection of liquid foam guarantees superior insulation and heat retention for a long time.
  • An optimized water inlet diffuser maintains the balance in water temperature by distributing the water slowly.
  • This water heater is perfect for multi-storeyed buildings due to its ability to withstand high pressures of up to 8 bars.
  • The geyser comes with an immersed thermostat that switches off the heater automatically when the water reaches the set temperature. It’s also capable of measuring the exact temperature of the hot water.
  • The product also comes with a temperature control knob to set the water temperature as per your requirement.


  • The product has a BEE 5-star rating and hence it suits the environment as well as your budget in the long run.
  • The product comes with a safety valve for releasing the pressure to prevent accidents in case the pressure rises beyond the limit.
  • Hindware provides free installation of this product across India.
  • Mounting screws and user manual aren’t provided in the box.

# 9. V-Guard Calino DG Storage 5 Star Water Heater

Another storage water geyser brought to you by the well-known V-Guard comes with a stylish temperature and time display giving an elegant look to the respective room. Providing high energy efficiency, this water heater has obtained a 5-star BEE rating. This product is available in 15 litres as well as 25 litres capacity. It’s key features are –

  • The V-Guard geyser comes with a four-layered safety mechanism and remote-controlled operation for temperature settings.
  • This product is suitable for usage in hard water conditions with an inner tank material made of high-quality steel with a vitreous enamel coating.
  • The outer body is made of ABS material.
  • The 5-star BEE rating ensures less electricity consumption.
  • 7 years of warranty is provided on the inner tank with 3 years on the heating element and 2 years on the product.


  • V-Guard provides free Pan-India installation with a free installation kit.
  • The water heater comes with a digital time and temperature display.
  • The cost of this product is towards the higher end among the storage geyser category.

# 10. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

Available in 15 litres and 25 litres capacity, this vertical water heater is available in pure white color. The geyser has obtained a 5-star BEE rating and the product originates in India. Some of its key features are as follows.

  • The inner tank has 2 times corrosion resistance with a Blue Diamond Glass lining and the outer body is made of metal.
  • The enhanced life of the heating element is guaranteed through a glass coating on the heating element. This also prevents scale formation.
  • The Advanced PUF technology coupled up with the BEE 5-star rating intends to minimal electricity requirement and isn’t harsh on the environment.
  • Assured double protection with multi-function safety valve for pressure release and a thermal cut-out.


  • The minimal power consumption makes this geyser an inexpensive investment in the longer run.
  • It’s perfect if you want to go green.
  • 7 years of warranty is given on the inner tank (more specifications are included).
  • The comprehensive warranty is for two years on the product which is lesser as compared to the price paid.

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