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Best Outdoor Furniture for Garden, Patio, Balcony in 2021 (India)


Buying outdoor furniture is not an easy job. The buyers have to take many factors in consideration for buying such products. From price to durability, different factors are there. Apart from these basic things, outdoor furniture should be elegant, sleek, and compact. They should not consume a large space of your outdoor area, as that would look clumsy. If you are searching for top-quality outdoor seating furniture, you can find a list of the most popular products below.

Top Outdoor Furtniture Options to Explore in 2021

Here are our top eight selections for outdoor furniture.

# 1. Varmora Designer Club Chair Set of 4

For outdoor seating, you need chairs that look beautiful and elegant. At the same time, the chairs must show resistance against UV ray and water. If you are looking for such chairs for your outdoor seating area, you can opt for these chairs. They look beautiful, and they also assure terrific durability. In the following section, you can find the features of this product.

Key features of Varmora Designer Club Chair Set:

  • The chairs are made with plastic, though they give a rattan look. They do not look like cheap plastic chairs.
  • Lightweight chairs are easy to be moved from one place to another place. You can keep the in garden or balcony.
  • When not in use, they can be stacked on each other. It helps the users to keep free space in the balcony or garden.
  • Top-quality is assured from the manufacturer. The plastic material is waterproof. It also comes with UV resistance.


  • Water-proof material.
  • Lightweight chairs.
  • Looks beautiful.
  • Affordable
  • Not comfy without cushions.

# 2. Unique360™ Wix Outdoor Golden Four Seater Garden Patio Set

Sitting on the garden patio and spending time with the family members are great ways of relaxing. The garden patio should be minimal in design, but high comfort must be there. If you are looking for such an outdoor patio, this product can meet your expectations. Some of the major features of the product have been highlighted in the following section.

Key features of Unique360™ Wix Outdoor Golden Four Seater Garden Patio Set

  • The patio has been designed to feature comfort and elegance to the users. It enhances the beauty of the outdoor garden area.
  • This rattan weave patio comes with a UV protection feature. Despite staying under direct sunlight, the patio does not lose its natural color and gloss.
  • The patio is also water-proof. In rainy areas, it would be a problem to keep the patio outside.
  • The patio includes one center table and four chairs. The dark coffee brown color is also attractive.


  • Looks beautiful.
  • Water-proof and UV-proof.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Not ideal for small balconies.
  • Chairs can bear with a maximum of 80-90 Kg.

# 3. Supreme Futura Set of 4 Plastic Chairs & 1 Vegas Centre Table

Supreme Futura manufactures top-quality outdoor and indoor chairs. If you are looking for top-notch plastic chairs and tables, Supreme Futura is one of the trusted sellers for you. There are different types of products from this manufacturer, and this is one of those. This set of four chairs and one table comes at an affordable cost. You can keep the set in an outdoor garden. You can keep it inside the house too.

Key Features of Supreme Futura Set of 4 Plastic Chairs & 1 Vegas Centre Table:

  • The chairs and table are made with 100% authentic polypropylene material. It assures top-notch durability.
  • You can keep the set of chairs and table at the balcony area. You can also keep it in the outdoor garden area.
  • The product can stay protected from water damage. It is also corrosion-free outdoor furniture.


  • Top-notch quality.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Looks classy.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Not suitable for a small garden.

# 4. Dreamline Outdoor Garden Patio Seating Set

If you are looking for a small and comfortable garden patio, this is the product for you. It comes with many features. The most noticeable thing is the appearance of the patio. It looks classy with the dark coffee brown color. Some other features of the product have been listed below.

Key Features of Dreamline Outdoor Garden Patio Seating Set:

  • It comes with one center table and two chairs.
  • Made with non-breakable material makes the product durable.
  • Lightweight is another notable thing that makes the product easy to use.
  • The patio can be kept at the balcony and outdoor garden area.
  • The chairs can cope with weight ranging from 100 to 120 Kg.


  • The product looks classy.
  • Small and cozy patio for outdoor areas.
  • Suitable for balconies too.
  • Lightweight chairs.
  • Durable and non-breakable material.
  • Installing the table can be a little difficult.
  • Suction caps are not durable.
  • No thick rubber caps for chair legs.

# 5. ThinkPro Balcony Garden Folding Furniture

For a small garden, you need a patio that does not take a lot of space. This is such a product for the small garden and balcony areas. It can manage the space nicely, as the table and chairs are foldable. The product package includes one foldable table and two foldable chairs. Below, you can find the other features of this product.

Key Features of ThinkPro Balcony/Garden Folding Furniture Set:

  • Foldable items make things convenient for the small gardens and balcony areas. You can easily accommodate them.
  • The stainless steel chairs and table look classy. Being made with high-quality HDPE material, the product can offer excellent durability.
  • Lightweight and minimalist design is also a notable feature. For these qualities, the product is easy to use.


  • UV protective material.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Suitable for small garden and balcony.
  • Not waterproof.
  • No guarantee against rust and corrosion.

# 6. Driftingwood Sheesham Wood Round Coffee Tea Table Set of 4 Folding Chairs

If you want to have outdoor seating to enjoy a cup of coffee with your family, this coffee or tea table is the product for you. Not only for outdoor seating, but the table is also suitable for indoor seating. Find some of the highlighting features of the product below.

Key Features of Driftingwood Sheesham Wood Round Coffee Tea Table:

  • The wooden chairs and table look classy with their honey color finishing.
  • Buyers need to install the product, though installation is a simple job. It takes only a few minutes to install the product.
  • Sheesham wood material of the table and chairs assures durability. Despite high humidity conditions, the wooden material remains strong.
  • The table can be folded easily. Buyers can use the product for everyday purposes.


  • Elegant honey color.
  • Chairs and tables can be folded.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Easy assembly.
  • No waterproofing warranty.
  • No UV protection warranty.

# 7. FurniFuture A-Grade Indian Made Outdoor Furniture Set with Glass Top

Having outdoor coffee or tea table is a great thing. It enhances the beauty of the outdoor area, and you can sit there to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. This outdoor furniture with a glass top looks elegant. Nevertheless, it also gives comfort to the users. In the following section, you can find more features of this product.

Key Features of FurniFuture A-Grade Indian Made Outdoor Furniture Set with Glass Top

  • The structure of the table and chair is made with mild steel with 18 gauge thickness.
  • Top-quality paint has been applied to the steel structure to provide corrosion protection.
  • The chairs can deal with 120 Kg weight. Hence, adults and kids can sit on the chairs without any concern.
  • The table comes with a glass top, which looks classy. Nevertheless, cleaning glass top is easier.


  • Looks classy.
  • Chairs can cope with 120 Kg weight.
  • Beautiful dark coffee brown color.
  • Comfortable.
  • A little expensive product.
  • Legs do not have rubber caps.

# 8. FurniFuture Whlack Outdoor Patio Furniture 4 Chair and Table Set with Glass

The outdoor patio makes the outdoor area more cheerful. You can sit anytime and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. You can spend some time reading a book on the outdoor patio. This is the right product for you if you possess a spacious garden or balcony. In the following section, you can find some of the features of this product.

Key Features of FurniFuture Whlack Outdoor Patio Furniture:

  • The product package includes one table and four chairs. For a large garden or balcony, this is an ideal product.
  • The chairs come with a sturdy framework. They can handle a maximum 120 Kg weight. Hence, any adult can easily sit on them with excellent comfort.
  • UV-protected HPDE material makes the product durable. It also features excellent water resistance.


  • Classy and unique design.
  • Comfortable for seating.
  • Durable HPDE material.
  • UV and water protection.
  • Expensive product.
  • Not suitable for small gardens.

The Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

If you have a nice balcony or garden area, you can make the area more usable with an outdoor patio. Keeping outdoor furniture in the garden or balcony enhances the aesthetic values of the outdoor area. At the same time, you find a beautiful corner of your house where you can sit and relax alone. It always gives a nice feeling to read a book while sitting on an outdoor chair. You can enjoy evening tea or coffee with your family members in the garden area too. Before buying outdoor furniture, buyers need to know a few important things. These things have been discussed in the following section.

Water-Proof Material:

Outdoor furniture must feature water-proof material. Since you keep the furniture outside the house, it may come in touch with dew or rainwater. Low-quality wooden materials will get damaged easily. For example, particleboard or teak wood may not give you durability in wet or humid conditions. Plastic or fiber outdoor furniture can offer excellent durability. Such material is water-proof. Hence, they shall last for ten to fifteen years without any hassles.

UV and Corrosion Protection:

When you purchase outdoor furniture, you need to keep two things in mind to ensure durable service from the products. These two things are UV protection and corrosion resistance. UV rays from the sun can decolorize objects. Some materials look old due to UV rays. On the other hand, corrosion happens to metallic substances that are not rust-resistant. So, you need to pick the materials that are resistant to corrosion. Nevertheless, they should come with protection against UV rays.

Space Availability:

Buying outdoor furniture depends on the availability of space in the outdoor area of your house. The outdoor area should not be stuffed with too much furniture. Over-consumption of outdoor space will lead to poor aesthetics. If you want to keep the outdoor area beautiful and charming, you need to find sleek and compact products.

Ease of Use:

The outdoor furniture set must be easy to use. If you are looking for an outdoor patio, you can choose folded tables and chairs. Folded items are easy to use, and you can save space by keeping them in the garden area.

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