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Top 20 Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts


There’s no particular day to celebrate the man in your life- be it a father, brother, husband, grandfather, or anyone who makes your life beautiful. Father’s Day is just a special day to showcase your love and adoration for your father or any father who has taken up the responsibility of parenting.

As nursing, childbirth, and a lot of the child’s life revolves around the mother, the fathers somewhere get left behind in the current families. Father’s Day is the occasion to make the men in our lives feel that they belong and they are always on top of our priority list. A lot of Father’s Day gifts and personalized stuff like mugs, T-shirts, etc. are available online, but if you want to gift your father something unique, thoughtful, and useful, then here we have compiled a list of top 20 products that would serve as great gifts. We hope this list helps your creative spirit and we suggest you add a personal touch- a letter or card, with the gift.

#1 Ergonomic Laptop Stand

A walnut laptop stand would be perfect for the father who has to spend long hours before the PC. Walnut laptop stands are sleek and are sure to attract the attention of the father who has an eye for design. This stand would bring the laptop’s screen at eye level and prevent all posture-related problems for your father.

#2 Multi-purpose Portable Comb 

For the minimalist father, a multi-purpose luxury comb would help him fix his beard, mustaches, and hair using one compact item. Made of stainless steel and comes in a travel-friendly leather case, this comb is durable and perfect for the father who likes being in style but frowns on having to carry too many things on a trip. The luxurious feel is a bonus!  

#3 Reversible Leather Belt

It’s time you style up your father by replacing the old-fashioned trusty belts with a reversible one. This leather belt is reversible and has black and brown leather on two-sides for your father to match with any outfit that he’s wearing. Simple and elegant, this belt would also save much of his wardrobe space and function for a long time with durable leather. 

#4 Stackable Whiskey Glasses and Decanter

For a father celebrating his retirement party or for one who loves to drink in style, a set of stackable whiskey glasses would help him enjoy his favorite spirits while saving a lot of kitchen space. The classy decanter sitting at the center of any table would draw attraction and admiration at any house party. Usually, these sets are available online with one decanter and two glasses which can be stacked on top of each other.

#5 Multi-purpose Tool Pen

Another gift to encourage minimalism, a multi-purpose tool pen with 5 different functions is portable, travel-friendly, and compact with some of the most necessary tools in one place. The pen comes with a stylus for a smart device, a screwdriver, a ruler, and a level in addition to the normal ink pen.

#6 Waterproof Camera

If your father loves pursuing photography as a hobby, a waterproof GoPro HERO7 Silver would be a good choice. With the touch-screen and voice control making its usage quite easy even for a father who isn’t tech-savvy, your father can take 4K photos and videos anywhere and anytime. It’s durable, small and compact, and waterproof making this device suitable for adventures.

#7 Coffee Maker of His Choice

Coffee makers simply make the life of coffee lovers easy. You can choose from a wide range of espresso makers and hybrid machines to make all kinds of coffees with a nice frothing. A heavy-duty espresso maker would provide strong restaurant-quality coffee to your father whereas some hybrid machines can be used for making other beverages like tea. Depending on your father’s coffee taste, choose a machine as per your budget.

#8 Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

For the avid reader, a Kindle Paperwhite is perfect. It’s waterproof, slim, and comes with an anti-glare display to reduce the stress on the eyes. With storage space for thousands of volumes, the Kindle’s chargeable battery can last for weeks. It saves on the headache of having to carry heavy volumes and is the best encouragement for developing a great hobby. On lazy days, it’s easy to lay down with the Kindle Paperwhite and it gives easy readability even under sunlight.

#9 Portable Gas Grill

For the father with an inclination for hiking and picnics, a portable gas grill would surely add to the picnic meals and the fun of cooking with friends and family. These grills are compatible with the Indian LPG cylinders and you can choose the Weber Q 1000 Gas Grill for its burner valve with infinite control, ignition using a push button, and a removable catch pan. These grills are easy to carry and do not require extreme expertise to be handled or used.  

#10 Airpods and Leather Case

For the father who loves music, Airpods would be a great gift to put on without having to entangle cables. To increase their portability, you can add a protective leather case to it attached to a keychain that would contain the AirPods with its chargeable case so that your father can easily attach the case to backpacks or other bags can carry it without losing.

#11 Wireless Luxury Headphones

Another gift for the music-lover father, the Beats headphones from Apple would be a lovely option. These wireless over-ear headphones give optimum sound quality and are comfortable to be used for the entire day. It fits all people and can be used to receive calls, activate Siri, and control the music playing. Your father can simply connect it using Class 1 Bluetooth and its long battery life would let him use it for hours without having to re-charge.

#12 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner would be a great gifting option for the father who loves cleaning and maintaining his house. It would also encourage the messy father to partake in cleaning by using the Roomba Vacuum Cleaners which use sensors to map the floor surfaces and clean them. Some of the products provide wet mopping, self-charging, auto-boost, and several such functions that reduce the headaches of having to mop or sweep the floors personally.

#13 Wine Bottle Insulator 

For a father who loves good wine, the optimal temperature must be maintained for the wine to preserve its perfect taste. A wine insulator would be a perfect way to preserve his favorite spirits at their right temperatures. These insulators are small, handy, and can be carried anywhere with the bottle. Some insulators are also available in colorful designs and attractive patterns.

#14 Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

A vacuum insulated travel mug can serve the dual purpose of keeping any beverage hot or cold for a long time. Many travel mugs also have additional features like fruit infuser, French press, etc. This would be a thoughtful gift for the father who has to travel a lot or simply loves drives. He’ll be able to carry home-made coffee, tea, and juices without having to consume those from the streets, thus securing his health.

#15 A Smart Watch

Another thoughtful gift for your father might be a smartwatch. From the feature to call, text, and use the internet, to measure the number of steps, heart rate, and other health quotients, a smartwatch offers a wide variety of features. These watches are available in a wide price range depending on your budget. Smartwatches usually have Bluetooth or Wi-fi connectivity and some are also waterproof and can be controlled using your smartphone.

#16 A Beard Bib

A beard bib would be perfect for a man who likes clean surroundings and keeps himself organized. Beard bibs also act like non-stick hair catchers making it easier to dispose of the hair without creating a mess and due to their non-stick property, they’re easy to maintain. Most beard bibs come with suction cups for the mirror to collect the hair easily.  

#17 A Beer Caddy

A beer caddy would be good for the father who likes organizing regular parties. You can fill the caddy with his favorite spirits before gifting and usually, they can hold 6 cans or bottles of liquor. Some of the caddies also have built-in can or bottle openers and a separate pocket for snacks. Some beer caddies are designed for carrying liquor and liquor glasses at the same time. It surely gives a classy look to any garden or roof-top party.

#18 A Snack Box or Subscription

Several snack sets are available online ranging from healthy fruits, snacks, and seeds, to not-so-healthy tasty treats. You can also order some of your dad’s favorite snacks and gift them in a personalized gifting box. A lot of healthy but tasty snack subscriptions are also available and you can get such a plan for your father who would receive his set of delicacies at regular intervals.

#19 Cozy Fur or Woolen Slippers

With age, people tend to develop cold feet tendencies during winters and cozy fur or woolen slippers would be a thoughtful gift as it keeps the feet warm and woolen insoles absorb the sweat keeping the feet dry and free from odors. In addition to the comfort, fur slippers also feel luxurious and act as a style statement.

#20 Portable Arm Table

If your father has a favorite spot on the sofa, you can make it more comfortable and convenient by adding a couch arm table to it that can be attached to the couch’s arm and be used to keep anything from spectacles to snacks and drinks. This arm table is portable and can be carried around easily to keep surfaces clean from stains in case there are spillages.

Happy Father’s Day!

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